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Vastu specialist astrologers should not look for opportunities of earning from the residents. In the same way people who seek genuine vastu consultancy should not expect such services go unrewarded for free advice and would eventually become cheap advice which never help the need to have close friendship of vastu specialist and the residents.The residents who are in a position to seek expert vastu specialist advice should be in a position to pay the fee of the experts so that the vastu expert does not feel sleighed. This is elementary.While in the visit a unhappy vastu expert is a bad omen to the residents.

The Vedic social astrology system and all its elements were based on logical science & reasons essentially required for the overall welfare of individual. This whole social structure was aimed at defining a proper system that creates synergy between cosmic energies and human shelter. In Vedic times, the scholars were well-versed with advanced scientific applications known as subha vaastu Shashtra. After proper permutations and combinations of various elements involved in building construction, suitable directions for everything related to building can be effectively drawn. Each guideline described in Vastu Shastra is strongly backed by the scientific causes and vivid impacts of natural powers are also explained.

As Vastu science has been described by various scholars through different epics, yet the essence and logics are the same. According to the theory of Brihat Samhita, an imaginary person in the form of God called Vastu Purush or Demi God who governs each house. Vastu Purush is present in every human dwelling and is responsible for good or bad fortune. Therefore, Vastu Purush should to be appeased for the betterment of house and its inhabitants. To appease him, sacred ceremonies should be followed. Therefore, the master of any house must always spare the body of the spirit in the course of construction through ignorance of the architects. If any of its several parts were rendered defective, the results for the master could be catastrophic.

Love Vashikaran Online
Love Vashikaran Online